Turns Out, You Can Mix Business and Pleasure

We all love multi-functional device. Tablets can serve as presentation devices, credit card readers, and entertainment displays. Our smartphones not only make calls, but can also house our entire library and even monitor our vital signs. These gadgets have worked their way into our lives to the point we don’t know how we managed to live without them.

But notice that most of those devices are small. When we think of multi-functionality, we tend to limit our imaginations to handheld devices, especially microcomputing. But what if we thought bigger? What if we imagined how we could create spaces that serve our business needs as well as allow us to entertain our family and friends? What if we could create mobile spaces that did these things?

That’s what Ultimate Toys CEO Gary Green envisioned. Working with designers, he shaped the vision for Multi-Functional Sprinters. Bring investors into a world of luxury, with multiple monitors to show stock trends and strategies to capitalize on those plans. When the deal is done, break out a couple of drinks from the minibar and toast to your future success and kick back on the way back to the airport.

And when the weekend comes around? Go the big game and show off the benefits of tailgating with your whole vehicle instead of just the bed of a pickup. Stream live games from around the country on the monitors, or extend the awning and enjoy some shade during days with great weather – with the built in external television!

These customized Sprinters are indeed the Ultimate Toy, but just like a lot of our amazing technology today, they can double as great productivity pieces. See for yourself all of the features available that make Ultimate Toys Sprinters the perfect mix of business and pleasure.