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Franchise Opportunity

Own A Sprinter That Could
Pay For Itself.

What if you could own a personal Sprinter and monetize it when you’re not using it? Well now you can…!

Once you’ve owned a high-end customized Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, you may find it was one of the best purchases you’ve ever made! That’s because a Sprinter is classy, versatile, super comfortable, and just plain fun. It’s the perfect multi-functional vehicle to enjoy while on the road with friends and family, when entertaining clients, on a golf outing, tailgating or for business travel across town and from office to office. The possibilities are endless. It’s perfect for everyday use, weekend excursions, and extended vacations with the family.

A Few Ultimate Toys Advantages

Purchasing a Sprinter from Ultimate Toys comes with some real advantages. Not only do we have exclusive floor plans you won’t find anywhere else, but we are also known to have the finest-quality Sprinters on the market. From custom woodwork to handcrafted interiors, our Sprinters are pure class, pure style. We are one of the largest national distributors – possibly even the largest – that specializes exclusively in high-end Sprinters. We serve Mercedes-Benz dealerships as well as other auto dealers nationwide.

Ultimate Toys has satisfied clients in the US and around the world, including Canada, Central America, South Africa, and the royal families of both Nigeria and Dubai. As a distributor, we offer Sprinters direct to our clients at a discount of $45-50,000 off retail pricing. While this is a substantial savings, we recognize a Sprinter is still a large investment regardless of who our clients may be.

The Story Behind Ultimate Toys

Ultimate Toys was founded by Gary Green, CEO of Strategic Franchising ( His companies have awarded thousands of franchises in over 16 countries and are led by some of the most experienced franchising talent in the industry. This organization has helped thousands of individuals reach their financial goals by owning a business in an area that interests them.

By combining his success in franchising with the demand for top-quality custom Sprinters, Green has created a sister company called Luxury Limo Group. That is now spearheaded, by his son Josh Green.  This one-of-a-kind franchise helps clients purchase their very own Sprinter when they otherwise may not be in a position to do so. They can enjoy using their Sprinter with friends and family as much as they like, then can create income by renting out their vehicle when they’re not using it. This can help franchisees pay for their Sprinter. It’s like having the best of both worlds.

How much can an owner make?

Market research shows the cost of renting a Sprinter similar to those offered through Ultimate Toys can range from $600-1,000 per day without a driver, and even more with a driver. Franchisees can decide whom to rent to, when their Sprinter will be available to rent, and for what length of time. They can rent it out just a few days each month, or turn it into a thriving business and make some real money with it. If there’s one thing we’ve learned at Ultimate Toys, it’s that there’s a huge demand for high-end custom Sprinter rentals!

Owners may choose to operate as a part-time business and only occasionally rent out their Sprinter. Or, they may decide to turn it into a full-time business where they own multiple Sprinters and provide services to local businesses and families. They can also expand their business by adding a traditional limousine service for business clients and affluent clientele on a regular basis. After all, it’s easy to take control of the local market when there’s no competition using vehicles that are even close to the same quality. Once a client uses your services, they won’t settle for anything less.

How much does a Luxury Limo Group franchise cost?

Other than purchasing a Sprinter, there are very few expenses involved. This business is relatively simple to operate compared to others and can be run from home with little more than a separate telephone line. If interested, potential franchisees will receive a complete list of expenses before deciding to move forward.

Special Offer: As a sign of our appreciation, clients who purchase a Sprinter from Ultimate Toys are eligible to also purchase a Luxury Limo Group franchise for a one-time fee of only $2,000. This is a heavily discounted price from the regular franchise fee of $25,000. It’s just our way of saying “thank you” and helping more people enjoy owning these exceptional vehicles.

Franchisees will also be able to take advantage of a national insurance policy we have negotiated which covers not only their rental business, but also their personal use of their Sprinter. Depending on markets and, of course, the individual’s driving record, the cost of this commercial policy can range anywhere from $2-4,000 per year and saves them the cost of a separate personal policy.

Is business experience required?

Not at all. That’s the beauty of Luxury Limo Group! We offer a complete turnkey business that provides all the marketing tools, expertise and strategy needed to help grow the business. Owners simply need the desire to own their very own luxury Sprinter, a good credit rating, the determination to succeed, and the willingness to follow the system. Not only will they learn how to build clientele in their local market, they will also receive sales leads generated from our website, These valuable leads will be from potential clients who are interested in renting a Sprinter for a family vacation, special occasion, tailgating or business trip.

In addition to these leads, there will soon be a link to appearing on the official Midwest Automotive Design website. This is our manufacturer’s website which also receives dozens of inquiries each week from individuals searching for a Sprinter to rent.

How do franchisees build their business?

Each owner will be provided access to a wide range of marketing materials and will learn how to use them to build their business in their local market. Luxury Limo Group is truly a win-win situation for everyone. Owners can take advantage of this great opportunity to own their very own Sprinter, enjoy using it, and create a nice business at the same time.

 If you’re interested in owning a beautiful and versatile Sprinter and learning more about Luxury Limo Group, please fill out the form and we will be in touch.

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