3 Ways To Purchase Your New Ultimate Toys Sprinter

As one of the largest distributors of Custom Sprinters, we are known as “Best in Class” and usually carry over $30,000,000 of inventory in stock or being built. Each Sprinter is built from the ground up with style, comfort, and quality in mind. Once you’ve decided on which exclusive floorplan best fit your needs, there are three ways to purchase your new Sprinter.

Come and Visit.

Come visit us in Cincinnati, Ohio. Make it a day trip or take a few days and enjoy the many fun and exciting things to see and do while in town. You’ll find Cincinnati to be a short drive from many midwestern cities or, should you elect fly, there’s an abundance of convenient flights to the Greater Cincinnati Airport (CVG). And, since you are making a special trip to see us, we’ll reimburse you $500 to help cover the costs. To register for the $500 click here.

Ask good questions. Watch the videos. View the photo gallery.

There are two important factors that make this decision by far the most common practice. First, we only use the finest chassis – a Mercedes Benz, so you know you have the best. Second, we take great pride in ensuring we only use the most qualified, well-respected up-fitter, owned by an NYSE publicly-traded company, to build our exclusive floorplans. Your Sprinter is backed by a 3-year bumper to bumper warranty good across North America – so you’ll have confidence knowing you’re covered no matter where you travel.

So, for most, it’s an easy decision. After reviewing the information, studying the pictures and watching the detailed and close up videos of our Sprinters, most customers know exactly what they want and are excited to expedite delivery instead of delaying the process by visiting Cincinnati. And, as our way of saying thank you for your confidence, we’ll send you the $500 we would normally contribute towards a trip. To take advantage of this offer click here.

Still not sure. You’re ready but want to see one up close and don’t have time to visit Cincinnati.

Take advantage of our Showcase Partner Program. We have hundreds of owners around the country who are willing to do us a favor to take the time and show you their personal Sprinter. However, there is a catch…

As you can imagine, like you, our customers are highly successful individuals and their time is extremely valuable. They are doing us a huge favor, so we won’t take advantage of their generous hospitality. We won’t disrespect their time on “tire-kickers” or “window shoppers.” Therefore, we only provide this service to our customers who have reserved a Sprinter for themselves and have put down the required deposit (which in this case is TOTALLY 100% REFUNDABLE). Then, arrangements will be made for you to have a seven-day window to meet the closest Showcase Partner. And, for whatever reason within those seven days, if you elect not to move forward, we will return your reserved Sprinter back into inventory and cheerfully refund your entire deposit – no questions asked. To start the process click here.