Showcase Partner Participating Owner Portal


Do’s & Dont’s

  • Do contact the prospective buyer within 24 hours to arrange for a showing.
  • Do schedules permitting, conduct showing within 7 days of initial contact.
  • Do take your time and answer questions. We will only send you qualified buyers.
  • Do provide us any feedback you believe would be valuable for us to know.
  • Don’t try to “sell” or “close.”


Q: What if I’m not comfortable with prospective buyers driving my Sprinter.

A: We will never offer or guarantee anyone to “test” drive your Sprinter, although you may do so at your own discretion.

Q: How do I let Ultimate Toys I’ve spoken with and/or on shown my Sprinter to a prospective buyer in order to receive payment?

A: After we verify with the prospective buyers(s) that they’ve talked and/or met with you we will release the funds to your account on a monthly basis.

Showcase Partner Contact Submission Form

After you’ve taken a phone call or if you’ve decided to show your Sprinter in person. Make sure to fill out this form so we can confirm with the qualified buyer that a phone call with the option to show your Sprinter took place. Per the signed agreement as a participant in the Showcase Partner Program will result in the forfeit of payment for services rendered.