Reprinted with permission from Sprinter Market Update



The #1 Mistake Buyers Make

Do your homework. When it comes to researching and evaluating the purchase of a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, you’ll find a lot of confusing and misleading information out there. With an overwhelming number of choices–from colors and finishes to options and amenities–due diligence can be very time-consuming and it’s easy to become frustrated. Here’s a closer look into one of the most important, yet misunderstood areas when Sprinter shopping: the difference between a conversion company and a manufacturer. Understanding this important difference may save you a great deal of time, money and real disappointment down the road.

What’s A Conversion Company?

A conversion company will typically begin with a brand new and completely finished Sprinter they’ve purchased from a local Mercedes-Benz dealership. In most cases, by the time the conversion company has modified the intricate electrical and mechanical systems and retrofitted the rest of the vehicle, the entire Mercedes-Benz warranty has inadvertently been voided without the buyer’s knowledge. Most Sprinter conversion buyers just assume the Mercedes-Benz warranty is still valid when they purchase their Sprinter. This can lead to a nasty surprise for the owner later on when costly repairs and maintenance are needed. Other things to consider when purchasing a Sprinter from a conversion company are resale value and the ability to get insurance or financing. These can cause serious issues for an owner because the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) does not recognize conversion companies as manufacturers. Another point – most banks or insurance companies are unable to confirm the value or quality of the upgrades to what they consider the chassis of a “work truck.” For this reason, many insurance companies will not extend coverage and most banks may heavily discount the cost of the upgrades and not provide the financing you need – both scenarios being problematic.

Built Exclusively For Ultimate Toys

Ultimate Toys selected Midwest Automotive – known in the industry as the best for quality and service to manufacturing their Sprinters exclusively for them. Few companies are classified as a manufacturer and are recognized by Mercedes-Benz as a Preferred Approved Upfitter. Also, Midwest is one of the largest manufactures of its kind and is owned by REV Group, a $2+ billion publicly traded company with a prized reputation.

This means buyers have the advantage of being backed by a national service network. Because Ultimate Toys® chose to partner with a top manufacturer, their buyers actually receive a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter which is built by Midwest to exact specifications from the chassis on up. Buyers don’t need to worry about the warranty being voided or a lower resale value. The 3-year Mercedes-Benz warranty remains intact in addition to a 3-year warranty from Midwest.

We believe the choice is clear. You can avoid a great many problems by choosing a Sprinter that’s built by an actual certified manufacturer versus a conversion company. You will appreciate the exceptional quality of Ultimate Toys, from the beautiful custom woodwork to the handcrafted interior, and can enjoy your beautiful and elegant Sprinter for years to come.

The most beautifully handcrafted and luxurious line of custom Sprinters on the market…and only available through Ultimate Toys®.