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The Presidential

The Presidential

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The Presidential  

The Presidential is the latest in the Ultimate Toys line-up and it’s spectacular. With ingenuity and versatility that gives customers several new options, such as whether or not to include a bathroom, the Presidential is designed to appeal to a broad audience. While Ultimate Toys currently offers the Ultimate Limo and Super Sprinter floor plans, the Presidential may offer buyers the best of both worlds. As with the two existing models, the Presidential Sprinter is only available through Ultimate Toys.

What’s New

Like all Ultimate Toys Sprinters, comfort and luxury are a top priority with the Presidential and it shows. Designed more for family use, there are six beautifully plush captain’s chairs and the bar has been removed to allow more seating. All passengers travel in comfort and style whether it’s a weekend excursion with family, a week-long vacation with grandparents and kids, or golfing with friends.

All the Comforts of Home

The spacious interior of the Presidential is truly amazing. The classy Maybach ceiling allows plenty of head room for passengers to freely stand up and walk around. Middle captain’s chairs swivel so guests can either face forward, or turn around and have a conversation with passengers in the back. It’s perfect for all occasions–both in a family configuration or transformed into a limo for a night on the town. The third-row of captain’s chairs have power footrests and fold-away solid wood lap tables–great for relaxing, reading, working on a laptop, playing games or watching TV on one of the flat-screens. And, let’s not forget the two comfortable couches in the back that make a bed for a quick nap or an overnight excursion. There’s even a large dorm-size refrigerator conveniently tucked away but within reach for drinks and snacks while on the road.

Bathroom Options

Unless you have an RV, a Sprinter with a bathroom is not easy to find. If it does include a bathroom, it’s usually very small and uncomfortably claustrophobic. With 29″ to 31″ being the standard in the industry, it can be nearly impossible for an adult weighing over 175 lbs. to comfortably enter through the 20-inch door, turn around and get the door closed. Our floor plan has been completely re-engineered to include a very comfortable 44″ bathroom with a flushing toilet (not a cassette toilet) and a sink with running water. Ultimate Toys is known to have the largest bathroom in the industry. 

In addition to the bathroom, like the Super Sprinter, there’s a microwave to heat up your favorite foods and you’ll have 36 cu. ft. of storage–the perfect place to stow luggage, backpacks, kids’ toys and supplies so they don’t clutter the floor or fill up a seat like in some other Sprinters.

With a Bathroom

Without A Bathroom

Not interested in your Sprinter having a bathroom? That’s fine. Now, you’ll have a whopping 100+ cu. ft. of storage space that can hold almost anything you can imagine–kids’ bikes and sports equipment, eight sets of clubs for a golf outing, or more than enough luggage and supplies for a large family to go on an extended vacation and have everything they need. The Presidential is not just perfect for family trips. It’s also great for going to kids’ sports events, golf outings, entertaining or any time you want to travel in comfort and style but needs practical storage space too.

Without a Bathroom

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