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Will Snow and Ice Hurt a Jeep’s Soft Top?

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If you own a Jeep and experience snow and ice in the winter, you may be worried about your soft top. Don’t fret. You and your soft top are fine. You won’t freeze while driving your car and your top won’t cave in. Your Jeep just needs some tender loving care during these times. We don’t want you to make a problem into an even bigger one. 

To expand on this in more detail, you need to be extremely cautious when clearing snow or ice from your soft top because when the vinyl top gets overly cold or even freezing, it becomes far less malleable, making it prone to cracks and breaks. 

Here are some things to avoid:

When you see ice or snow built up on your vinyl top or windows, resist the urge to grab the scraper and go to town. This can create scratches, or worse, tears. 

You may have read things on the internet about pouring hot water on your top to remove the snow and ice. Steer clear of this. Shifting your vinyl top from freezing to scorching hot is not ideal and can cause damage to the windows attached to the top.

What is the right thing to do?

After hearing about all tactics that you should avoid, you’re probably ready for the correct way to go about this. Well, it’s pretty straightforward. Simply turn on your car and let the heater do the work for you. 

Because hot air rises, the heat inside the cabin will rise into the vinyl top to warm it to melt away the ice and snow. This is a situation where the simplest solution is also the best practice. Yes, it may require a bit of planning and time, but it beats having a slice running through your beautiful vinyl top because you didn’t know what you were doing.

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Jeep soft top roof retracting