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Ultimate Toys, one of America’s largest distributors and dealers of luxury Mercedes-Benz Sprinters, has teamed up with Midwest Automotive Designs to create a selection of custom floor plans exclusively available through Ultimate Toys. Both companies are recognized for their reputation, quality and exceptional customer service, making this a winning combination that’s unmatched in the industry. With great attention to detail, from the select materials and hand-crafted interior to the hand-rubbed custom woodwork, you’ll be amazed by the beauty, quality and versatility of our Sprinters.


Super Sprinter Recognized by Industry Expert

Parker Nirenstein

Parker is a well-known and respected automobile aficionado and leading expert on high-end and exotic cars. His company, Vehicle Virgins, has millions of followers around the world. Parker recently visited Ultimate Toys to see a Super Sprinter for himself. See what he has to say.

The Super Sprinter

The unique multi-functional Super Sprinter gives you more ways to have fun with family and friends. This extended Sprinter takes family excursions, vacations and weekend recreation to a whole new level. It’s an upscale family van, elegant limo and the ultimate tailgater all rolled into one. With an oversized bathroom, sink, microwave, refrigerators, wireless internet, Apple TV, 2 flat-screen TVs, extra large luggage compartment and so much more, you’ll enjoy all the comforts of home while on the road. And it’s only available through Ultimate Toys!


When you’re looking for ultra-comfort and style, the Ultimate Limo is the highest quality and most luxurious limo on the market. No matter if it’s for personal travel, entertaining clients, or working while you travel between offices or city to city, this Sprinter is pure class. Passengers will appreciate the comfortable “J” lounge seating, plush reclining captain’s chairs with power footrests, 2 – 40” flat-screen TVs, wireless internet, elegant lighted bar, refrigerator, and many other first-class amenities. You’ll enjoy total privacy with a partition separating you from the driver complete with a power window and intercom system. After all, why fly coach when you can travel by private jet?

The Presidential

The Presidential is the latest in the Ultimate Toys line-up and it’s spectacular. With ingenuity and versatility that gives customers several new options, such as whether or not to include a bathroom, the Presidential is designed to appeal to a broad audience. While Ultimate Toys currently offers the Ultimate Limo and Super Sprinter floor plans, the Presidential may offer buyers the best of both worlds. As with the two existing models, the Presidential Sprinter is only available through Ultimate Toys.

2019’s Now In-Stock for Immediate Delivery!

Ultimate Toys has satisfied clients in the US and around the world, including Canada, Central America, South Africa, and the royal families of both Nigeria and Dubai. As a distributor, we offer Sprinters direct to our clients at a discount of $45-50,000 off retail pricing.

See why the Super Sprinter is different.

Special Low-Cost Financing For Up To 20 Years is Available!