Ultimate RV

Ultimate RV

Pure and simple, it’s a game changer.

The Ultimate RV is the only Sprinter on the market with a rear bathroom that can also comfortably seat up to 9 people without giving up the functionality needed for camping. Experiencing the luxury, class, and style that we are known for makes this Sprinter the ultimate choice for long road trips, entertaining, sporting events, away games, and family vacations. It’s the perfect RV, ultimate family van and the go-to vehicle for entertaining, and much more.

What makes the Ultimate RV a game-changer you may ask? Until now, most Sprinter conversions have been designed purely for 2 people who want to camp – pretty much making it non-functional for any other purpose. You can’t entertain. You can’t take guests. There is little to no storage. This is where our Ultimate RV comes alive. This multi-functional floorplan is jampacked with amenities that allow you to use it for almost any purpose imaginable. It’s easy to drive, serviceable anywhere and custom-built to the same standards as you’d expect in a luxury vehicle.

Comfort is a top priority, and it shows. Designed for both travel and entertaining, you’ll enjoy nothing but the best – a complete galley, full rear bathroom, wardrobe closet, 4 plush captain’s chairs that swivel and 2 comfortable sofas that quickly fold down into a large bed. There are 3 distinct heating/air conditioning systems for your comfort along with wireless internet to surf the web or send emails. Take advantage of the Apple TV, and you can watch your favorite movies, live TV, sports or play video games on the two built-in flat-screen TV’s.

When it comes time to relax, there’s even a power awning that opens at a push of a button with a built-in tailgating package allowing you easily to set up a large screen TV outside creating the perfect setting for tailgating or entertaining.

A First. Rear Bathroom with Full Galley

Best yet, unlike the others where the bathroom and galley crowd the center of the vehicle, the Ultimate RV is unique – it’s the only US-built configuration where a full bathroom is located in the back. Simply, close the door at the rear of the seating area, and you won’t even know it’s an RV. But, open the door, and it leads to everything you’d expect in an RV. You’ll find a full galley, bathroom complete with shower, two sinks and more storage than you’ll find anywhere else.

 The Ultimate RV is truly a one-of-a-kind experience not offered by anyone except Ultimate Toys.

Best yet, each Sprinter is backed by a 3-year “Travel Anywhere” warranty by both Mercedes-Benz and Midwest Automotive.


The Ultimate Luxury Sprinter

It's An Industry First & Only

The ultimate Sprinter for creating memorable and lasting experiences with friends and family.

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Ultimate RV Specs
  • 9 Seat Belts
  • Up to 120 cu.ft. of Storage
  • Only Complete Rear Bathroom
  • 24' 2'' Overall Length

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