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5 Reasons the Ultimate Jeep Is the Best Upfitted Jeep

Jeep Life

Upfit? What do you mean?

An upfitted vehicle is a simple concept. We take a stock vehicle and make it better, way better.


There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it, an upfitted Jeep is flat out cool. It’s hard to step into a pimped-out Jeep without feeling some sort of excitement. They bring with them a rugged and tactical feel that Jeep lovers crave. With a premium Alpine Sound System and a muscular build, the Ultimate Jeep will catch the eyes and ears of those full of jealousy, wishing they were sitting where you are.


Ultimate Jeep interior red leather seats

Above all, this Jeep will be luxurious. The amenities that come with the Ultimate Jeep compare to none. Custom stitched red leather seats, as well as a button-operated convertible top, are just a few of the interior features that make the Ultimate Jeep the best custom Jeep on the market. Every time you step into the Ultimate Jeep it will be an unforgettable experience.


Having an upfitted Jeep means it will be much more capable than the run-of-the-mill stock Jeep. With 35” all-terrain tires and 12,000-pound bumper winch, there isn’t a landscape the Ultimate Jeep can’t conquer. Equipped with TeraFlex shocks and a 2.5” lift, it’s as if you’re riding on a cloud when onboard the Ultimate Jeep.


You may think that you can upfit your own Jeep. You’re wrong. You may end up forking over more money than you should and not get the job done right. Using multiple different upfitters gets complicated and pricey. The Ultimate Jeep is upfitted and assembled in one spot by one trusted company. So if anything goes awry, you know who to call.


Ultimate Jeep convertible roof retracting

Whether you want to get off the pavement and onto the dirt or ride the roads into the city, the Ultimate Jeep is up for the task. The rugged exterior and luxurious interior bring the best of both worlds into one vehicle.

Ultimate Jeep model by Ultimate Toys

Interested in getting a custom Jeep Wrangler of your own? Check out our Ultimate Jeep model here!