Hear about the Ultimate experience of owning our vehicles

“The entire team over at Ultimate Toys made for a first-class experience.  We were allowed to tour the facility to gain real appreciation for the workmanship that is poured into each coach.  The team over at Ultimate Toys made for a lifetime memory for allowing the first-class tour of their facility.  Service has been first class! From the moment we ordered, through production, up to delivery, and even after delivery the follow-up has been exceptional.  The team over at Ultimate Toys thought of everything during the customization of our coach.  Everything has been made user-friendly and is at a fingertips touch away for unmatched convenience.  Thank you once again to Jeff, Rick, and the rest of the team over at Ultimate Toys for such an enjoyable experience.”

– David H, TX

“Overall, the experience of dealing with Ultimate Toys was a pleasant one.  The quality of the build is excellent. In my opinion the craftsmanship and layout nicer than most companies and that’s the main reason I chose to go with this company. When the vehicle was finally completed the paperwork and delivery process was very smooth. They seem to be pretty organized and have a department to handle everything. From titling to shipping to orientation. Everything was well covered. If I had questions I felt like I can always reach someone. This was definitely a big purchase for us but I think it’s well worth it. Looking forward to taking trips with out new toy.”

– Alan L, CA

“From start to finishing buying an Ultimate Toys sprinter van was an easy and fast process. The luxury and convenience of their sprinter vans are top notch quality and their customer service and service staff are second to none. I would highly recommend if you are looking for a vehicle that provides comfort, luxury and overall a great family vehicle for road tips or vacations to definitely check them out.”

– Mitch W, TX

“My Ultimate Toys RV purchase was fantastic.  Both pre delivery and post delivery service has been excellent.  Ultimate Toys goes over all operations of your new vehicle and they are always available for quick questions.  Family Trips have never been better when traveling in the luxury and comfortable Sprinter.

I’ve rented my vehicle a number of times which helps offset the costs.  Two of my renters have purchased vehicles because of their great rental experiences.

My two small warranty items were handled quickly and without cost or hassle.  I highly recommend Ultimate Toys for your Mercedes Sprinter Customized Van Purchase.”

– Brian P, VA

“Ultimate toys company has been very very helpful and very patient with our family’s purchase. They have shown empathy regarding our situation. We agreed to purchase a sprinter in 2021 and shortly after we lost our job and had a baby. This made our financial situation difficult. They understood our situation and agreed to refund us our deposit. We are beyond grateful for the ultimate toy team. We hope one day to purchase one of the luxury sprinters from ultimate toys. Thank you God bless.”

– Ashley A, NC

“If you’re thinking of purchasing  a conversation van, Ultimate Toys is the place to buy!  I cannot say enough about how great everyone was from purchasing to delivery and after. The van is beautiful and makes traveling a first class experience!!”

– Kim B, FL

“My wife and I had an excellent experience purchasing our Sprinter from Ultimate Toys!

A huge compliment to Josh Green, their President, who took it upon himself to personally work with us to make sure our order was done right.

Their staff is extremely knowledgable and communicated well for each step of the process. Once we received the vehicle, they scheduled a live Zoom style session to thoroughly go over all the features of the unit.

We are totally impressed with them, they have a fantastic Brand and we would recommend them to anyone who wants to get a first class experience when purchasing your next fun toy!”

– Victoria W

“Ultimate Toys provides the best design and service when it comes to Sprinter Conversions.  I have searched through EVERY certified Mercedes-Benz Outfitter and they don’t compare in the layout options or build quality.  I use it for business, family trips, and nights out around town.   We have a few now and a nice little rental business.  Ultimate Toys was very supportive from the start and helped us navigate through the entire buying process.  The first one we bought in 2018 is still in service and going strong.  We just put our order for our 5th one and can’t wait to get it.  Thank you for all the great service these past few years.”

– Saqib N, MI

“Our favorite moment with our Ultimate toy was our first.  The day we received the van we parked in our driveway with the entire family setup to watch Sandlot.  Of course we could have gone inside and watched on a larger TV, but it was great just laying and sitting in the van together. We have had many adventures since then, but that one will always be a memory we will never forget.  We are so happy with our purchase that we may even buy another one!  Thanks Josh for all your support.”

– Chris B, Virginia

“We’ve put just over 10,000 miles on in less than 5 months. We took a fall trip through the Rockies for our anniversary, spent the holidays down in Florida with my parents, several soccer tournaments, and most recently a retreat down in Scottsdale. All being together in the van has been a joy.”

– Matt E, South Dakota

“It is a fantastic luxury ride. The family loves the road trips and our friends can’t wait for the next group outing.  The sprinter is low maintenance, has an excellent configuration, and all the creature comforts are well throughout”

– Albert H, California

“I’ve been wanting to email you regarding the van. It was PERFECT! You nailed it when you said this is what we needed. So comfortable: the driving and EASY! We traveled for 6 weeks and went from Florida to California, up to Washington and over to Montana. Then we dropped thru Wyoming and slowly made our way back to the Florida Keys. The van gets great mileage, handles high winds, does very well in snow and rain, and has a great air conditioner and heater! We can’t rave enough about what a well built van that is. The finishes are elegant and very user friends and most practical. The toilet, fridge, and microwave worked perfectly. We got complimented everywhere we went and people were amazed at the interior. We only spent maybe 10 nights in the van because it’s not totally comfortable for sleeping two adults and 4 dogs so we basically would camp at The Holiday Inn who is dog friendly and located everywhere. We didn’t miss cooking or showering in the van at all. It was nice to get out after driving a few hours a day and go take a nice shower and sleep in decent beds. So please relay to the owner or designers that we rate the van a 10 out of 10. Great job!! We actually only hooked up a few times at campgrounds because it really isn’t necessary. We idled and it doesn’t burn hardly any diesel and it is so quiet no neighbors ever complained. We found just dumping at truck stops when we would fuel for a minimum charge. We even would take it thru the truck washes along the way for a good cleaning. The only bummer was the thing is tall and you can’t really drive thru and during covid it’s kind of inconvenient but that’s not really a design flaw. So, Thank you for steering us in the right direction and for answering our panicked emails and calls when we were early in our travels. We must have seen 1000 different sprinter vans along the way (very popular in Ca) and not one was prettier than ours!! Ultimate Toys nailed it! A perfect cruiser for a couple to travel in style with the comfort and security of a Mercedes.”

– Laura T

“We drove from Florida to Washington State and back to the Florida Keys with no issues! We traveled over 10,000 miles in 6 weeks in our Ultimate Toys Entertainer and enjoyed every second of it! Such a comfortable and easy Sprinter to drive. We drove from sunny warm days in Florida to freezing and snow in Montana and all without fail or worry in this van. The interior finishes in this van were second to none! Very high class and comfortable. The outside is completed in a very luxurious and sleek look that most people were intrigued by what a famous person is inside. No other van on our 10,000 plus mile journey compared visually to ours! What a fantastic van! “

– Deb M

“I have only taken one road trip so far. I loved how smooth the ride was. It felt like I just was driving my car. It handles the curves nicely. It did not feel top heavy… and it slowed down  nicely when I saw a moose in the middle of the road. It was about a 6 hour  round trip. Next trip.. will be at end of the month. 20 hour round trip. I will be sure to take more pictures next time. I cant wait to see its full potential.”

– Nicole P

“The War Wagon as we call it has been to Louisiana, California and in between from its home base in Knoxville Tennessee.  I can not keep it still, she just rolls and stays rented.”

– Thomas C

“Traveled to Destin with 5 women, 2 dogs and me.  Lots of room and no bathroom breaks.  Vehicle handled great.  We have owned an RV in past and The Sprinter was much easier getting in and out of parking lots. Perfect vehicle to get from point A to point B.”

– Stephen B

“As you can see , the family loves the custom van you sold us. It has been so enjoyable from the day you delivered it to us. It is such a pleasure to work with you and your team in delivering , what i would say, my single best and favorite investment. We use the ultimate van for not only trips down the east coast , but also for everyday travel. The TVs and plush interior make the ride like a family room on wheels. My wife and kids really enjoy watching all their favorite TV internet shows on Netflix . Please feel free to have anyone call me to discuss the pleasure we have been having and all the travel, both locally and statewide, that we have been using it for. My Family and i thank you for all your help and support that your team has giving us, and God Bless America.”

– Angelo N

“It was so easy! I bought a Sprinter for myself and started renting it out when I wasn’t using it. Within a few months, I found there was so much demand that I just ordered my 2nd Sprinter.”

– D. R, OH

“The Ultimate Toys Referral Program is the best. I had a friend see my Sprinter and wanted one. I put him in contact with Ultimate Toys and he bought one. I received a check in the mail for $2,000. That’s all I did. I plan on making this a habit!”

– W. W, SC

“Ultimate Toys had a possible customer in my area. They contacted me and I showed them my Sprinter. It was the easiest $2,000 I’ve ever made. Plus, the customer asked if they could rent my Sprinter for a day – making it a double win. I enjoyed sharing my Sprinter with them and I would do this all day long. Bring them on!“

– N. G, CA

“There’s something special about this Sprinter that reminds me of Kinder Surprise toys when I was younger. When I was a kid, I was always super excited to discover what was inside of that sweet chocolate milk ball! Well, talk about a classy limo that gives me the same feelings! There’s this little magic in the air that will make you feel like you’re in a 5-star mansion or even better, a private jet! This high-end, classy limo is a must-try and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to experience the luxurious lifestyle while hitting the road. While traveling, I always like to keep up with work—so having a drink from the elegant lighted bar makes it much more interesting! As the proverb says, never judge a book by its cover. Cheers!”

– Perla B

“I would give 10 stars if possible. Thank you Gary Green, Josh Green, Chris Diedling, Jim Brown, etc., of Ultimate Toys and Rent My Sprinter. This whole journey started with a pop up window offering to own a luxury sprinter for free, or something like that. It seemed TGTBT, aka “Too Good To Be True.” I was skeptical every step of the way, just waiting for the hammer to drop, but it never did! As an entrepreneur, I found the whole process fascinating. Gary is a franchise king and set this up as a way to buy a sprinter and rent it out like Airbnb—genius!   The only stipulation is that you need to buy your vehicle through Ultimate Toys. Gary has designed 3 versions from experience in conjunction with Midwest Automotive Design, he makes 500 of these per year and the magic is the full sized bathroom and kitchen area with microwave, sink and refrigerator. I was a little concerned when there was reference to a Mercedes 2017 chassis and truth is, that is the base of the vehicle. But upon discussions with other people in the business, this is common practice and since Midwest is considered an automotive manufacturer, my title will state a 2019 vehicle. For insurance purposes, the VIN identifies a 2017 vehicle, so I am guessing I will need to wait for the title to have that switched on my policy. As a “car guy” I have wanted a Sprinter for 15 years. I thought about all the amazing things I could do with it, but could never pull the trigger, even though I have bought cars more expensive that didn’t have the upside that this vehicle brought to me, so here goes. The upside…I created an entity, an LLC for this vehicle—because it is over 6000 lbs, it qualifies for “Bonus Depreciation” which just means you can write off the entire vehicle in the same year as the purchase, no income required! (Not to be confused with 179 depreciation, which you need to have income to offset against). The purchase of this vehicle as a tax deduction far exceeded the out of pocket costs and the cost of financing and insuring for years to come! I very much intend to rent this vehicle out. Gary has created a partnership with the RV rental program company OutDoorsy. They do the background, credit card check on the renters and provide a $1 million policy covering the renters damage, liability, etc. I look forward to being part of something that Gary has created—he is a really great entrepreneur and I enjoy the spirit of what he is doing. It is like I bought into one of his franchises for really cheap! Now for driving the vehicle, when it arrived at my home a few days before Christmas, it was night time, I got a text from the driver that he was in my driveway, and when I opened the door, it was HUGE—was this the biggest mistake I have ever made? Will I ever use this thing? Will people laugh when they see this thing? I was in shock, I moved it and decided to go in for the night and have a glass of wine to settle my nerves. Then curiosity set in and I decided to sit in the back of my “Presidential” and as I sat in these beautiful seats, I put the footrest up and thought about how this thing felt like a private jet and how little it costs in comparison, but how big it is and who the heck would drive this thing???? That’s when my son, who is 18 and a fellow “car guy” hopped in the driver’s seat and said “Hey Pops, want a ride?” I thought, “what the heck,” if he could drive it, most other people could as well, and he took me for the inaugural ride as I sat in the back and I had a glass of wine in my new luxury Sprinter, which my kids had heard me talk about during most of their childhoods :).  

Thank you Ultimate Toys for making my dream come true—the journey has just begun and without Ultimate Toys, this would likely never have been a reality.”

– Steve D., NY

“Ultimate Toys rental partnership has done great for me. I earned over $4000 in 2 months with Ultimate Toys sending me two professional companies to rent my Sprinter.”

– Paul S, PA

“Thanks Ultimate Toys. We have exceeded our expectations and experienced immediate success. In our second month we grossed over $10,000!”

– Tim M., Ohio

“I hope this message finds you both well. I wanted to touch base and tell you both how wonderful it has been having our new van—it has made a huge difference in my family’s life. Emma is able to help more getting into her seat (versus us having to lift her into our old SUV from the ground) and she loves it. The kids have really enjoyed riding in style during the pandemic as we have opted to take them for a couple rides just to get them out of the house sometimes.”

– Megan W