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Hole-in-One Adventure!


Experience the ultimate thrill with Ultimate Toy’s RV on an exhilarating best buddies golf trip through the enchanting South East! Our top-notch RVs are tailor-made to ensure a comfortable journey as you swing through the region’s finest golf courses. From picturesque weekend getaways to epic cross-country escapades, we’ve got you covered. Join us now, and let’s hit the road together for a golfing adventure that’s sure to create memories of a lifetime. Your dream golf trip awaits – it’s time to live your best life!

Day 1-2 (Jacksonville, FL)

Courses: TPC Sawgrass and The Golf World Village.

Accommodations: North Beach Camp Resort or Flamingo Lake RV Resort.

Get ready to embark on the golf adventure of a lifetime, where you’ll feel like a pro while teeing off at two legendary spots: TPC Sawgrass and The World Golf Village! It’s going to be a real blast as you step onto those famous courses where golf history was made by the world’s finest players. And hey, don’t forget to take some time to explore the fascinating World Golf Hall of Fame after your round at The World Golf Village – you’ll love it!

Day 3-4 (The Lowcountry)

Courses: The Club at Savannah Harbor and Harbor Town Golf Links

Accommodations: Red Gate Campground and Hilton Head Harbor RV Resort & Marina

Our next two stops on this incredible journey lead us to courses that have welcomed the best golfers in the world! And hey, speaking from personal experience, I must confess my fondness for Harbor Town, thanks to its fantastic architecture and the thrilling challenge it offers off the tee! But hey, I understand that everyone’s preferences vary, and these courses are so diverse that they cater to most game styles! Once you’ve had your rounds of golf, take a leisurely stroll through the historic streets of Savannah, or maybe head to the beautiful beach on Hilton Head Island for a relaxing time. That’s the beauty of having your trusty Ultimate Toy RV by your side – it allows you to swiftly move from one exciting location to the next, making the most of your journey!

Day 5 (Myrtle Beach)

Courses: Caledonia Golf & Fish Club

Accommodations: Lakewood Camping Resort

You couldn’t have chosen a more perfect place to wrap up your golf adventure than at the esteemed golf capital of the world – Myrtle Beach! Brace yourself for an incredible experience as you discover plenty of fantastic golf courses, including the renowned Caledonia, where you’re bound to make unforgettable memories! Oh, and wait until you see the campsite for this course – it’s right by the beach, creating an unforgettable setting for your stay. It’s like the ideal crescendo to conclude an amazing week in the captivating Southeast! Get ready for a grand finale of golfing bliss and let the excitement soar!

There you have it – a 5-day RV golf journey through the captivating southeastern states, where the perfect blend of luxury and sporting adventure awaits. From top-notch golf courses to the comfort of your Ultimate Toys RV, this trip promises an experience you’ll cherish for a lifetime. So, buckle up and embark on this thrilling expedition where you’ll create unforgettable memories at every stop!

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