Become A Showcase Partner & Pocket Some Cash

Introducing the Showcase Partner Program where we connect qualified buyers with Ultimate Toys owners, like you.

We know that your time is very valuable and so, in exchange for sharing experiences with clients, the Showcase Partner Program reimburses you for your time. It’s worth up to $500 in your pocket.

Enroll in the Showcase Partner program and you’ll be reimbursed up to $500 for each completed contact. You're not selling anything, discussing pricing, availability, or anything along those lines.

We just want you to share the different ways you enjoy your Sprinter. Discuss how you use it for your family; entertaining, tailgating, daily trips, family vacations… whatever you most enjoy.

Best of all, there are no limits to how much you can get reimbursed. The more people you share your experiences with, the more you are reimbursed. It’s just that simple.

How It Works


Enroll in the program on the registration page.


Clients search our secure database based on their location and the model they are most interested in.


  • We allow the client to choose 1 Showcase Partner to contact.
  • Your contact information will only be provided directly by our team and will not be published anywhere else. No one has access to your information unless we provide it to them.
  • We will give you advance notice when a client is given your contact information.


Talk to the client within 48 hrs.




If you choose to show your vehicle in person within 48 hrs of your call.





Again, you’ll be reimbursed for your time, up to $500 every time you participate. No hassle, no catches, no selling, no obligation.

It’s the easiest money you’ll ever receive.

Get started today!
Become An Official Ultimate Toys Showcase Partner

*Certain restrictions apply. Please consult our team for more information.