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Why Teardrop Campers Are Better Than Class A Motorhomes

Camper Life

Do you love camping but can’t decide what RV fits your needs? Here is why teardrop campers reign superior to Class A Motorhomes.

Easy Driving

For some, maneuvering a large motorhome can be challenging and stressful. Drivers are sitting significantly higher than the typical car or truck which brings with it a learning curve. You can easily avoid this obstacle with a teardrop camper. Forget about having to get acquainted behind the wheel of a massive new vehicle, as long as your car has a trailer hitch, it can tow a teardrop camper.

Ultimate Camper camping in mountains


Most people have to store their Class A Motorhomes at a storage facility for a monthly/yearly fee, making a spontaneous camping trip impossible. Teardrops offer the polar opposite. The compact size of teardrop campers allows them to fit into a garage easily and bring back the possibility of an impromptu camping trip. Just hitch it to your vehicle and get going!


The maintenance required to keep a Class A Motorhome in tip-top condition is a hefty task. With a smaller, more minimalistic camper there is less to worry about. Teardrops are equipped with all the right amenities to make a camping trip simple and luxurious while eliminating the constant upkeep of a massive motorhome. 

Better Camping

The idea at the root of camping is to be out in the midst of nature and Class A Motorhomes can often times restrict that. Those who drive a large motorhome or RV have trouble getting off the beaten path to have a unique camping experience. Teardrops can be nestled into secluded camping spots where large motorhomes can not fit due to their size and weight. Teardrop campers enable the curious to get off the grid and make memories in nature’s most beautiful locations.


Teardrop campers do not break the bank. On the other hand, Class A Motorhomes can drain the bank account. Paying for a giant moving vehicle and filling the gas tank full of diesel fuel can get extremely pricey. Teardrops offer prices that allow almost anyone to indulge in RV camping. 

Teardrop campers from Ultimate Toys

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