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It was so easy! I bought a Sprinter myself and started renting it out when I wasn’t using it. Within a few months, I found there was so much demand that I just ordered my 2nd Sprinter.



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To date, our owners have earned millions in rental income through our exclusive program.

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The EXCLUSIVE Ultimate Toys Rental program is a simple way for you to not only have your luxury van pay for itself, but you can actually make a considerable amount of money on top of that.

It’s simple to use and FREE for all Ultimate Toys owners.

Some clients rent their van out once or twice a month when they’re not using it and cover their monthly payments. Others have been so successful that they have bought 5 (or more) and created a solid, profitable business just using our program.

You are in complete control. How and when you rent your van is completely up to you. Ultimate Toys will help set up the listing and takes care of all administrative chores. We do the heavy lifting so you can sit back and reap the benefits.

Join Our Exclusive National Rental Program – FREE to all Ultimate Toys Owners.

The Benefits of Joining The Rental Program

No upfront or monthly fees.

You control the availability and the pricing

Includes up to $1,000,000 insurance policy

Conducts instant DMV background checks on all drivers & manages fees for you

Insurance covers both Owner & Renter

Avoid costly pitfalls – the Program handles all contracts