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The Ultimate Coach vs. The Ultimate Freedom

Head to Head, Van Life

Engine Specs:

Under the hood, both the Ultimate Coach and the Ultimate Freedom are available with multiple engine spec options as the Mercedes-Benz sprinter line has updated its engine with the release of the 2023 model. are available with a Turbo 2-liter inline four-cylinder diesel engine with 168 horsepower & 295-pound feet of torque. 


When it comes to dimensions, the Ultimate Coach takes the crown with its 24’2″ length and 14’2″ wheelbase. This model exudes grandeur and dominance on the road, turning heads wherever it goes. On the other hand, the Ultimate Freedom, though slightly smaller, still stands tall at 10 feet and measures 19 feet 6 inches in length. With a generous wheelbase and a width of 7’8″, this extraordinary vehicle commands attention and confidence.


The Ultimate Coach and the Ultimate Freedom are filled with luxury and sophistication. The Ultimate Coach offers transformable sofas that effortlessly unfold into a heavenly bed, along with six meticulously designed captain chairs that make you feel like a true VIP. Immerse yourself in cutting-edge technology with two HD TVs and an onboard wireless Wi-Fi connection. The Ultimate Freedom, while offering similar amenities, focuses on maximizing space for up to 9 passengers. With plush captain chairs and a fourth row that can be transformed into a bed, this model ensures everyone can travel in comfort. Entertainment is taken to new heights with a 32″ Smart HD front TV, and the wireless internet router keeps you connected throughout your journey.

Wrap Up:

Whether you choose the Ultimate Coach or the Ultimate Freedom, both models guarantee an unforgettable travel experience. From their robust engine specs to their commanding dimensions and luxurious amenities, these Mercedes Sprinter RVs offer the epitome of elegance and comfort. However, remember that there are plenty of other models to explore and consider. Which one will you choose? Contact us if you have any more questions, and happy travels!

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